Ocean love-afair

Dance me darkly
keep me closer,
tied to salt —
in careless sea-tongues,
born to tides,
to brine.

My mother-sea
let me
one day —
be froth-kept,
as your corpse
slowly waltzing
inside your kelp-heart.

But today,
please darling
lick my toes.

This is a Quadrille linked to dVerse were the word is closed. De hosts.

April 6, 2020

30 responses to “Ocean love-afair

  1. I love the compound words, Björn, reminiscent of the kennings used in Anglo Saxon and Norse poetry, and the idea of being ‘tied to salt’ and ‘born to tides’ – clever wordplay! I will enjoy letting the sea lick my toes once the pandemic is over.

  2. I’ve always felt that burial at sea was very special, returning to the source; feed the fishes, not the worms.

  3. I add to the many the delight in your compound words (which is a great way to increase one’s word count, to boot!)

  4. All of us come from the womb of the sea. It’s natural you would want to return to her salty depths. Your second stanza instills comfort.

  5. I too love your compound words. I think they add so much to the description of your story and, of course, your ability for creativity, Bjorn. Your poem does say “one day” so I’m thinking the sea burial isn’t quite imminent.

  6. Ah, Bjorn, this feels so romantically erotic. Embracing the dance, which of course includes eventual death. These words are enticing: “keep me closer,
    tied to salt —
    in careless sea-tongues.”

  7. Ah, for the love the sea the use of compounds words is very effective. I had to smile at the ending line. Wondering if you might be a bit ticklish.

  8. I love your address to the ocean here….and her kelp-heart! And the ending of licking toes! Just a wonderful write that starts our “darkly” and for me, ends delightfully.

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