Staying in touch

We always promised that we’d stay in touch.

But you moved South and I stayed put; I met Patricia and I hid my memories from her jealousy.

She nagged me about all the girls I had before, but I kept mum about you.

To prove commitment we got married; she had Brian who might have been my son.

Our parting stretched over twenty years and ended only with Brian overdosing.

Now Pat has left with our plumber Bill and finally, I’m free.
Free to spread my wings and leave.
Go south, to meet.

Keeping my promise to stay in touch.

This picture made me think of the connections of the phone, and the wings of the bird. Maybe there are those moments when you truly can start again. I don’t know what will happen, I leave it to you to ponder.

Friday fictioneers is a weekly event among bloggers where we write 100-word stories to the same picture selected carefully by Rochelle, who always gives us the most amazing stories. Head over to her blog and read, or fly with the frog to other stories.

58 responses to “Staying in touch

  1. Agree with the others, this is a masterclass into how to pack a big story into few words. Phrases like “might have been my son” – it’s just five words but all the implications!

  2. That’s a lot in 100 words, lost love, marriage based on suspicious circumstances, a drug overdose, dissolution of said marriage, and a hope to reclaim the love lost. I especially like the way your ending mirrors your beginning. There’s a poetic flow to it.

  3. So many thoughts about the situation. OTOH the odds of her there, waiting for him, after he spent a lifetime choosing to be with someone else, are slim-to-none. In some ways his wife was relegated to 2nd place during their marriage, as nobody can compete with an ideal, which is the pedestal he placed the one who left up on. I hope it works out for him, regardless of whether he gets back with her or not. Good story, Bjorn.

  4. this feels like you are holding a yarn and as the lines go you are slowly, slowly finding the other end, ending it with a knot of freedom, of becoming, of rekindled love.

  5. That feels very real, that drifting in and out of a marriage, almost because of a shared geography rather than any real feeling. I wonder if the meet will happen, if anything will come of it. Great story telling, Bjorn

  6. I’m sorry… I am repeating 😉
    A whole lifetime in 100 words. And I always wonder at those who get together for the wrong reasons…

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