Come sorceress

My sorceress,
come closer
come magic me,
come wildly spill your web
    of spider spells,
come feed me cauldron kisses
come lend me, please,
    your midnight madness,
come moan,
come tie me tightly
    to the potion of your thighs
come close darling,

Today it’s the 100th Quadrille and the word is magic. Join the fun at dVerse where Linda hosts-

March 23, 2020

32 responses to “Come sorceress

  1. Whatever you were drinking when you wrote this, send me some; steamy and sensual indeed. The Bear as Romantic; cool.

  2. Your poem is a potent spell, Björn! I love the alliterative lines:
    ‘come wildly spill your web
    of spider spells,
    come feed me cauldron kisses’
    and the steamy lines:
    ‘come tie me tightly
    to the potion of your thighs’.

  3. My word, Bjorn, someone could give you the word “cardboard” for a prompt and you could turn it into something passionate and erotic!!

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