False Idol

Edmond walked for miles through the mud to reach the store. He’d heard a rumor of midnight-deliveries of Spam and Toilet-Paper.

It had been raining for a fortnight which had flooded the area. Fortunately, his bedroom was still on high ground.

Before the torrent, there was drought and locusts.

War and pandemic killed his family and friends so there wasn’t any real famine for the few survivors.

Some said Armageddon others blamed climate change. Maybe both were right.

He remembered praising Mammon disguised as Trucks and double-car garages

but Gasoline was heresy.

“Thou shalt have no other gods before me”

© J Hardy Carroll

When I saw the image of the car I thought about how we have raised our man-made machines to a divine status. With climate change coming (and maybe even connecting to the outbreak of Covid-19) we might see the first change in what’s coming. I am not particularly religious, but from what I remember when reading the bible we are guilty of many sins, maybe even the sin of false idols.

At Friday Fictioneers you can read many different types of stories. Mostly more positive than mine. If you want to know more head over to Rochelle’s site and learn more. Or click on the frog below.

March 18, 2020

35 responses to “False Idol

  1. With the way this virus has destroyed society, it looks like we are hardly able to cope with much more. Perhaps it will act as the wake up call we really need to start taking climate change seriously.

  2. Good take on the prompt, Bjorn. There will come a day when spam and cabbage is a pleasant memory… You’re right, God warned us before about of worship of idols. We have no excuse.

      • “All have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” Maybe, like the replicants in Blade Runner, we have a built-in expiration date? Maybe God used us as prototypes to see what we’d do with this heaven of earth? Somehow I think we’ve failed the test.

  3. Björn, your poem touched me deeply. In a seemingly light way you take up such serious short comings by us humans.

    Mammon raised as a Truck ……
    Well, there was also the Gokden Calf.

    We better mend our ways whilst there is still time.


  4. Dear Björn,

    I suppose if it comes between me and starvation I’ll gag down Spam. 😉 Love where you went with this. “Blame the angels, blame the fates, blame the Jews or your sister Kate.” (Buffy Saint Marie) We all need someone to blame, don’t we? Hope you’re weathering the Corona storm.



  5. I’m reading this in my comfortable home, enjoying fresh, warm spring air and clear blue skies. Just had lunch, and supper is planned. We have sufficient TP because we always buy the big 24-pack and had just purchased one before the hysteria hit. We’ll sleep safely and well, and we’re doing the social distancing and handwashing, etc.

    This too shall pass.

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