Phoenix (or not)

When every library
is filled, will poets
be librarians?
Will we take care
to not create?
If every verse exists,
should we let pens
run dry, or
should we turn
our rage on books
and burn them,
so songs may rise
renewed from ash?

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February 10, 2020

35 responses to “Phoenix (or not)

  1. I believe that even when books are burnt, their souls live on. Someone somewhere remembers a phrase, a line, or even a paragraph, and that’s enough for the phoenix, Björn. Some of the best poets are librarians: Philip Larking, Audre Lorde and Jorge Luis Borges, to name a few. Have you read the poem ‘The Beautiful Librarians’ by Sean O’Brien? Here’s a link:

  2. Fire Sale….burn it all down and start all over. I personally prefer to heap words on top of words until they fill the libraries with words, to overflowing. Defunding the libraries is a type of book burning as you so aptly pointed out. All kinds of things are being burned nowadays by the Orange Monster in Washington. Time to fight fire with fire.

  3. The Nazis and puritans burned books, as did the Huns. Libraries are digital now, so fire cannot erase literature. Besides poetry is expansive, not finite. I love your poem, but rail against the premise. A pox on fahrenheit 451.

  4. Anyone interested in learning about the history of libraries, book burning, etc. is encouraged to read an excellent, “The Library Book,” by Susan Orlean. About your poem, Bjorn. I look at the library as a metaphor for a mind. Can a mind be filled to the brim with ideas to a point where they are burned to make room for new ones? One school of thought is in order to make room for more, examine the existing ones and if they serve no purpose, toss them. The ideal is a cup of tea that never spills over.

  5. Some of my best days have been spent in a library. I don’t think there will ever be too many words, and pens will never run dry. There should always be more. 🙂

  6. Oh no no no, i would not burn the books, i would build more shelves waiting for them to be filled
    Happy Monday Björn

  7. This brought to mind “The Book Thief” (2013 by Markus Zusak) which is a book about a young girl who stole books from Nazi book burnings during WW-II. As always, a thoughtful and evocative write, Bjorn.

  8. hmm, if the books are burned would a phoenix rise with a stronger message? I hope we always have libraries filled with books. There is nothing like the smell and feel of an old book.

  9. Blogdom will never be full unless they take it all away. And I still make hard copies because I just don’t trust the machine. I always wanted to be a librarian. It wouldn’t even be work!

  10. Libraries are a sacred gem of humanity. When we lose libraries, books, fiction/poetry/history/science….all the genres of our being, then we’ve lost our soul.
    The image of burning books is a frightening one….and very sadly, one that has happened and will happen again. The idea of these ashes rising again, as a phoenix, is a powerful one.

  11. Sad to think of libraries not existing–and as people have pointed out above the past atrocities and the current willingness to censor–but I think they would rise from the ash. I think it is within us to create. At the same time, I don’t think a library, physical or not, could ever be entirely filled.

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