Slow-silver dreams

Carry me, snow-moon — gently
on wings
through winter night’s dreaming
and slow-silver spilled
in the pools
of the polar bear’s tears.

Make me stronger through sleep
and teach me
to translate my fears
into force.

Let me wake as your warrior
to a world
where your light makes
it right to sometimes
    say no.

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February 8, 2020

28 responses to “Slow-silver dreams

  1. I loved the mood of this Bjorn, from the very first musical line, indeed the entire first stanza. Saying no is not always negative, and I believe the moon teaches both warriors and dreamers, if both parties are willing. A pleasure to read,

  2. Bjorn, this is SO lovely…….the winter night’s dreaming…..the slow-silver spilled pools of the polar bear’s tears……yes, may we wake as warriors. The bears and the planet have need of us now. Right now the Canadian government is trying to push through a pipeline right through the unceded territories of the Wet’Suwet’en people. Guess who the police are arresting? Yup. The Wet’Suwet’ens. We are marching in support on Monday. But governments see only dollar signs – though the pipeline is economically not feasible AND the UN has ordered Canada to STOP, given the rights of the first peoples of this land.

    I get so tired.

  3. This is a neat poem, Bjorn. I would have thought your “Snow Moon” was novel by you except I had already looked it up and found this:
    This is from :
    ” “Super Snow Moon” will be at its brightest on Sunday, Feb. 9, 2020 and is the first supermoon of the year. The large-looking full moon will happen three times this year. It happens as the moon — on its elliptical orbit — is at its closest point to Earth making it appear nearly 14% larger than usual.”
    We saw it tonight, it was beautiful coming over the house behind us.

  4. Ahh …., Björn, I so love this poem.
    Every word rings true within so I will save it in my notebook.
    Saw the same moon last night and stood transfixed.


  5. Sometimes saying no is the best thing we can do for ourselves and others. But only the warrior has courage to say the oft-forbidden word.

  6. I saw the moon here early Saturday morning, it was amazing after a Friday of rain, sleet, ice and several inches of snow. Your poem flows like a dream and I do believe we learn in our sleep.

  7. That feeling when you’re drifting and suddenly your eyes are full of tears? This poem caught me right there.

  8. There’s a lot of power in that “no”, especially in situations where we have been pushed to our limits. Personal boundaries are important.

  9. Awesome i luv the challenge to sleep. Make me a warrior.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog today


  10. I agree with Hedgewitch: you have struck a beautiful mood in this – spell binding – Slow-Silver Dream. As I am finding, more and more as you steer your craft to unimaginably brilliant new heights … if I cut and pasted every line I utterly LOVE in this piece, the entire work would be replicated in the comment box. Let me just saw: stunning imagery … masterful wordsmithing … polished construction and clarity … cascading – mesmerizingly – to an impactful, important entreaty: it doesn’t get any better than this. Fabulous writing, Bjorn!

  11. oh my! make me stronger through sleep, and awake as your warrior! Fantastic! oh, and saying no is so important. strong and healthy boundaries.

  12. This is an incredibly beautiful prayer. I was on the coast for the snow moon, and the strength your poem calls out for reminds me of the strength of the king tide brought forth by the snow moon. May we all begin to inherit that force for good.

  13. It annoys me so much to see humans upset the balance of nature. If we can’t benefit from other living things on Earth we are happy to see them destroyed either by our neglect or by us killing them. It is so important to pass this message on to preserve even those that we cannot profit from. Poems such as this are so important.

  14. I love that this reads like the marriage of a spell and a prayer. The image of the polar bear’s tears speaks so many feelings into the heart, so many difficult realities (which one hopes can be endured, if fear can be morphed into something more useful).

  15. This is an distinctly beautiful prayer. I used to be about the arrowhead for the snow moon, and the energy thy poem calls abroad for reminds me concerning the energy of the master period of menstruation brought forth with the aid of the snow moon. May we whole commence to follow so much force because good.

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