Hollow self

The hollow in your pillow,
is a void
     still warm,
an echo of the dreams
   we shared
but split in two.

You only saw yourself,
the only voice
   I ever heard was
      mine —

deluded in reflections
we are tethered
to the echo
     of ourselves.

Echo and Narcissus by John William Waterhouse

A short poem on the topic of Echo. Merril hosts at dVerse and I tried to use both the mythology as well as echo in a wider sense.

December 10, 2019

27 responses to “Hollow self

  1. I felt a sense of loss and an absence created by loneliness and an inability to connect with others. Where the sense is of your own self importance regardless of the world around you. the echo is like a mirror with only one image.

  2. We work for a lifetime on our communication skills, researching and striving for love; no sharing with these two, empty lust sprinkled with arrogance–love your last stanza.

  3. I love the title, Björn, and the way you have instilled a short poem with echoes of the myth. Your opening lines, ‘The hollow in your pillow, / is a void / still warm’ are full of emptiness, and you’ve captured the story succinctly in the final lines.

  4. kaykuala

    deluded in reflections
    we are tethered
    to the echo of ourselves.

    Beautifully expressed Bjorn! We are often restricted to seeing more of ourselves than be bothered of others! Very true!


  5. Very nice work, proving once again that less is more – focused to the point. It leaves me with that feeling of hollow nostalgia that seems to epitomise relationships that exist at cross-purposes.

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