Blue Lovers

We rested helpless,
lost below a listless sky,
no moon, no noon
no stars to mar its grayness,
no screams
no dreams to bless
us from this ceaseless agony
this rootless
void of nothingness.

We wasted less,
we mended socks,
made marmalade
and lived on less
but wanted sex.

Now longer homeless
we’ve found a wordless
lust to live as one
since two is more than less.

Blue Lovers by Marc Chagall

Today we are writing on words ending on less with Laura at dVerse, I used quite a few. I was a bit inspired on the Poem No! by Thomas Hood.

December 3, 2019

17 responses to “Blue Lovers

  1. That’s the first time I’ve seen that Chagal painting and I have fallen in love with its blueness, Björn! The way you’ve used the ‘-less’ and ‘-ness’ words gives the poem an ethereal feeling, to which ‘no moon, no noon’ adds. I also love the internal rhymes ‘screams/dreams’ and half rhymes in the stanza that brings us back to earth:
    ‘we mended socks,
    made marmalade
    and lived on less
    but wanted sex’.

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