Joyful Epitaph

I lit a candle for November’s spirit,
not mourning this, its timely death.
He left us dressed in drizzle-grey
to dig his grave in rotting leaves,
alone, least loved among the months.
We welcome winter with its lights
and light another candle for advent.

Girl with a candle by Vasily Tropinin

The Quadrille word today is spirit. De hosts at dVerse.

December 2, 2019

29 responses to “Joyful Epitaph

  1. It’s been a mixed month for me. I usually enjoy it as my daughter’s birthday is in November and I love mist and frost. But it was been drizzling one minute and pouting with rain the next, and then I got ill. I’m with you, not mourning its timely death. I love the hopeful, joyful sparkle of lights and candles at the end!

  2. November is more festive than pariah to me, but I like your poem, with its brevity and POV.

  3. Didn’t you just have a birthday, Bjorn? It’s not a very encouraging month to be born I would think. A fine poem for an unloved month. Luckily candles can be lit again and again.

  4. Ay yes let not cold winter burn through your bones light that lamp of Advent warmth.

    Happy Monday, thanks for dropping bymy blog today

    much love…

  5. Love it, so appropriate for November. The least loved of all the months, by probably all but me. I mourn November’s passing. December, with it’s forced gaiety and gaudy displays, and I are not on the best of terms. 😉

  6. Very nice! Let us all be our own Advent calendars, with little doors for our friends and loved ones to open each day. Or something like that!

  7. Ah the passing of November….its blessing is Thanksgiving (at least in the US)….and that it leads to advent and “nesting” inside with smells of cinammon and vanilla candles.

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