Before her breakdown

“Siri™, drive me home,”

Carol reclined while the Rambo’s™ dashboard flared with a choice of movies matching her taste. The ez-drive™ whirred her gently through commuter-lightworm.

She didn’t need distractions and started with dinner. Checking her Freezy™ she opted for TripleCheesePasta™ and with a few clicks RoboChefBob™ gave her a thumbs-up;

Food would be served upon her arrival.

Fourteen minutes and thirty-seven seconds later, she was seated by the CookEazyTable™. Eating with Hologram-Tinder™-proposals flexing their muscles, she swiped left, again and again.

Extinguishing the Simu-screen™ she sighed:

“Siri™, I need a book.”

Siri™ gasped while faraway the LunaSiren™ began wailing.

OK, the only thing I saw in the picture was the road and thought about a life with self-driving cars, where I realized we might be on our way to create our new version of an updated dystopia.

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November 27, 2019

39 responses to “Before her breakdown

  1. Well done, Björn. It does so feel like that is what is ahead… I refuse the Siri and the Googe and the other voice-activated doohickeys…
    Love the frog.

  2. Bjorn you see the writing on the wall. It’s almost as if we are rag dolls being pulled along with technology. So many of the “gadgets” I use today were things I resisted and said I’d never use — like microwave ovens and cell phones and automatic deposit and bill auto-pay and…

  3. That kind of future doesn’t seem so far away. I’m confident that paper books will always be around though (in my lifetime anyway). Great take on the prompt.

  4. Yep. I just ordered a smart thermostat and had to be very careful not to get one that connected to Amazon. We are happily welcoming our corporate and technological overlords into our lives.

  5. Haha. This story reminded me – a few years back Apple introduced Maps in Australia (at the same time I think Apple blocked Goggle Maps on the iphone), people kept getting ridiculously and dangerously lost. Tourists ended up in the outback, cars in water etc. Police issued huge warnings about using Apple Maps and use common sense. 😀

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