Her story

Dissolving in blood-blossomed verse,
her syllables stirred
me lightly to passion,
swayed me to music of scents,
cinnamon, cardamom, sage
painting bluebells
and forming in me, a heartbeat
in sync
with the drums of her dream-dance.

My Story by Karina llergo (used with permission)

Written to the image by Karina llergo ( https://karinallergosalto.com/ ), the thought of putting yourself into the text with her movement is fascinating.

November 25, 2019

7 responses to “Her story

  1. Yes, she does have that alluring feel doesn’t she? However I noticed the magnifying glass was placed over “My way” meaning that she is boss!

  2. Goodness this is gorgeous. I love the visuals, the scents..all of it sparks the senses to respond. Thank you so much for taking part in the prompt!

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