Leap into the void

The oxide of my burnished
heart has formed
a polished pupa to protect
me from your vitriol and vice,
but still — inside
it aches without the blaze
of zeal and flame in fervor,
as the echo
of the void
I fenced inside
is raw, stretched thin
from lack of use and poems;
this, my silent sorrow
is a prize to pay
for being safe at sleep.

Leap into the Void by Yves Klein

A poem using the word Burnish for Marian at toads

November 9, 2019

11 responses to “Leap into the void

  1. There is a temptation to shut all feeling away when one has been very badly hurt. But that’s trading one kind of harm for another. Staying numb for too long will hollow us out in the end, no matter what kind of shiny face we show on the outside.

  2. It’s hard to get into too much trouble if one sleeps away his life. Your poem reminded me of the ‘sluggard’ or ‘sloth’ in the KJ Bible.

  3. It’s hard to tell which is better – being safe, but not feeling, or feeling and risking oneself…

  4. Oh how we wall ourselves inside at times to hide from pain and miss the beauty that might come..I’ve done it.

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