Forever of water

He lures you with his fiddle
moaning from the eddies,
in the foam of water where
the stream is fiercest.

He tempts you with the way
the river rushes, crushes
wildly over rocks and boulders
and how it pearls on flesh and naked skin,

He baits you with the night
that’s full of dew and fervor
when air is thick with
fumes from noxious flowers.

He tricks you with his water-tongue
probing closer, closer
until he swiftly pulls you under
and never or ever will you know of forever.

Strömkarlen by Ernst Josephsson

This a poem on Mythology for Saanaa at toads, and I have chosen a story about Näcken wich is the Swedish variant of the water spirit who lives in the river and lures children and women into the water with his music and wild nakedness.

This particular painting is a little bit lesser known than the one hanging in the National Gallery in Stockholm

October 26, 2019

28 responses to “Forever of water

  1. This is incredibly dark and enticing, Bjorn! ❤️ I love the aura of mystery and the lines; “He baits you with the night that’s full of dew and fervor when air is thick with fumes from noxious flowers. What a truly mesmerizing image. Thank you so much for writing to the prompt 😀

  2. I had no idea these critters existed. Nice to learn about something different besides the usual vampires and werewolves. The tone of menace in the sits sets the tone perfectly.

  3. You’ve captured the water spirit marvellously in this poem, Björn, a list of the spirits actions. I love the appeal to the senses, especially the ‘fiddle moaning from the eddies’ and the air ‘thick with fumes from noxious flowers’.

  4. He lures, he tempts, he baits, he tricks, until he catches you and you are pulled under his spell. I like how the night and the water become complicit in his seduction.

  5. Lures, tempts, baits, tricks. (also reminds me of today’s trojans and malware). This spirit is not going to give up. Great tension-filled poem, Bjorn.

  6. This is wonderfully written. It sent my mind in the direction of ALL THOSE MYSTHIC SPIRITS that mess about, unhinging human behaviour … would that we had some excuse to blame our crazy choices on ~ smiles ~

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