My maimed heart

When midnight moonlight spills its river
in our lake where from your arrow,
freshly picked from Cupid’s quiver
maimed my heart and tainted marrow
infected with your lust and burning.
My truelove: lie again, abstain and stay
to never leave me lonely — yearning.

Venus and Cupid by Jean-Honore Fragonard

De hosts dVerse Quadrille, and the word is quiver. Come join us and have fun.

October 21, 2019

23 responses to “My maimed heart

  1. Going start calling you DJ Bjorn, for Don Juan, for you are a Romantic of the old school, and I dig it.

  2. Thank you for the Fleetwood Mac, Björn, and for the wonderful rhyming in this quadrille. I also love the alliteration and imagery in ‘midnight moonlight spills its river’.

  3. Love the rhyming as others have said. Also like the use of the word “maimed” — to me that says the heart has been permanently affected by this lover. Not broken…which is somehow more permanent without hope…but here you say “maimed” and that means it goes on but affected. “Stay to never leave me lonely.” I feel hope here.

  4. These words to me are key: “lie again, abstain” which suggest it’s a mirage but a mirage is better than nothing. It’s a beautiful quadrille.

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