Being sand for you

Let me be your pebble —
seashore-polished, rolling,
resting softly in your frothy
wave-embrace — you
my tear-salt ocean,
you my kelp-girl, crested lady
let your seaweed loose and play
until one day you’ve grown tired playing,
when we have danced together
pretending it’s forever;
then leave me tumbled into castle-sand
softly malleable
for boisterous children playing,
knowing no and never.

At the Seashore by S. Anderson

A little poem for Margeret prompts on ink and alkohol paintings at toads.

October 21, 2019

13 responses to “Being sand for you

  1. Once again, we have chosen the same image, Björn, and gone in different directions: me to rocks and cliff, and you to sand, seaweed and pebbles – one thing we do have in common is frothy waves! I love the pastel colours implied in your words, and the use of compound words: seashore-polished, wave-embrace, tear-salt and kelp-girl.

  2. I had to laugh that three of us had chosen the same illustration. Clearly that is the one that we would prefer on our wall. I imagined a mermaid wearing the kelp and her flirting with you so be carefull lest she steal you away!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous metaphor! This was my favorite image and you do it justice with the poem!

  4. Oh life can be an adventure..We don’t always have to think of forever. Sometimes the beauty is the brevity of something.

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