When the locusts eat your liver it may be too late

It’s not the species dying,
or extinction in itself,
but the locusts,
and the pestilence
that will follow in its wake
that might
change your mind
(when it’s way too late)
and maybe make you
the frivolous decisions
that you made today.

Plague Hospital by Francisco Goya

Today Linda when it’s time for UN to start the conference on climate change and promises without any value will be made. Let us all help in making the choices of the people we have elected.

This is a Quadrille for the word extinction for Linda at dVerse.

24 responses to “When the locusts eat your liver it may be too late

  1. First, goodness that is some creative title, smiles.
    Yes, I would like to think of the future consequences of our actions today. This will certainly affect my consumer behavior today.

  2. I couldn’t help chuckling at the surreal title, Björn, and then quickly sobered up when I read the poem! Locusts and pestilence are Old Testament, and that is where we seem to be heading, our comeuppance for the way we’ve treated the planet.

  3. The illustration is quite dark and dire…..the title made me chuckle but then the specter in the poem itself…the plagues on the earth caused by humans themselves.

  4. “Doom and gloom and dark despair. People dying everywhere” … the lyric of the dark birthday parody come to mind. You certainly got our attention!

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