May Grey turn into pink

Gray if you may
the morning today
when it’s Monday is bleak,
remember to keep
your nose on the grindstone;
push forward, deliver
and maybe by Friday
it’s turned into

A Bleak day by T. C. Steele

For me… the color of this song is grey. Synesthesia, for Susie at toads

September 23, 2019

10 responses to “May Grey turn into pink

  1. Nice, Bjorn. Makes me literally think of our mornings. Gereally around ten we see the sun, for sure by noon. These last two post tropical storm days we have seen it at sunrise. Orange, Sun and sky.

  2. Since I retired, Monday’s haven’t been grey so often, but I can relate to this succinct poem with its shift from grey to pink, Björn. Good advice.

  3. Oh those grey Mondays…I’m really feeling it today. Thank you so much for taking part in the prompt!!

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