Closing time

Chef Dubois stood on a chair addressing his crew.

The kitchen-noise subsided as he greeted them all; from sous-chef to hostess, from water-boy to waitress.

His team; exhausted, longing for sleep.

“I have good news… and bad news”

Some smiled, some looked more anxious.

“We have worked hard towards the goal of public acclaim… “

The silence was punctuated by humming from cold-rooms below.

“… you will be pleased… “

The sauce-master winked at a blushing waitresses.

“… for the call I received… “

Everyone drop-of-a-needle-tense…

“… two Guide-Rouge-stars…”

Everyone cheered.

“What’s bad news, then?”, the bartender cried,

“Tomorrow… begins our journey for three stars.”

© J Hardy Carroll

So this was an effort to tell a story from a world I know next to nothing about… the kitchen and the effort to earn those stars… all the hard work that is needed.

At Friday Fictioneers Chef Rochelle guides us all through the mixed efforts of cooking up word-stews and syllable-sallad. Click on Kermit below for more stories.

September 18, 2019

24 responses to “Closing time

  1. I always imagined that a kitchen running for such high acclaim must look like some sort of a chaotic and twisting musical composition. Love the mini piece you wrote and I hope the staff is ready!

  2. I was afraid perhaps the restaurant was going to close down (as so many do, whether the food’s good or not), so I like your ending much better!

  3. Whoa, Boss. He needs to stop driving them so hard or he’ll lose the people who got him that additional star. Young people these days have no reason to half kill themselves for a job as there’s little job loyalty. The employers often haven’t shown loyalty and the employees have learned that. They keep changing jobs taking their IRA’s with them. 🙂 — Suzanne

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