Still life with shoes

Sometimes —
swimming in the silent
slur of seconds, strained
and stretched,
knowing you’d be late,
I hate
to later say,
it will be worth this agony
when you kiss me
slowly, saying
you are sorry, but that pair
of shoes you bought
had been calling out your name

Still Life with Shoes by
Yiannis Moralis

Sarah prompts us to write about waiting and anticipation at dVerse poetics.

I have to say that I have never been forced to wait for this reason… and I admit it represent a little bit of a stereotype.
September 17, 2019

22 responses to “Still life with shoes

  1. The title and your explanation made me smile, Björn. I have no interest in shoes as such, I just ned something sturdy but comfortable to get me from A to B, just like cars! I love the sibilance of the opening lines and the idea of straining and stretching time. Which came first, the poem or the image?

  2. Oh those agonising minutes waiting for the other – such a clever take on the prompt and with some added alliteration that stretches time
    “the silent
    slur of seconds, strained
    and stretched,”

  3. I, too, adored the elongated alliteration in the opening; it really grabbed me. When Lisa mentioned the waiters, my mind went to restaurants; still thinking about homonyms I guess.

  4. Hmm, I think some priorities are not aligned. I would not keep someone waiting to buy shoes. I imagine a kiss from a lover would be more enticing.

    Interesting take on the prompt.

  5. kaykuala
    Waiting can be most frustrating but one has to accept some diehards enjoy doing so to others. Waiting for a loved one however is an act of endearment acceptable by most people

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