Honor comes at a cost

Ten year old with golden hair to her waist, Lila couldn’t understand the silence; yesterday her parents had laughed with her while she told them about school.

Now mother hid her tears before she managed to sob:

“Today you will enter another school, your father will take you.”

“I haven’t done nothing wrong, really haven’t,” Lila, stamped her foot.

“Just, get dressed,” her mother handed her the Sunday dress, leaving the nursery hiding her face.

Her father entered — ashen-faced he whispered.

“We have to leave my princess… Cthulhu craves a bride today.

“Me… why?”

“Family honor’s at stake.”

That plant looked a lot like a bunch of tentacles, which made me think about Lovecraft and his divine monsters craving sacrifices, which to me seems a bit like arranged marriages.

Friday Fictioneers is curated by her divine queen Rochelle, who always have a great story to tell. The challenge is simple, write a 100 word story in 100 words, and have fun.

I will get back and read as much as I can.

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September, 4 2019

36 responses to “Honor comes at a cost

  1. I am trolling through a few stories, making sure mine is original and came upon yours which isn’t but is. As you shall see later.
    This was great!

  2. Interesting piece, Bjorn. I hadn’t heard the name Lila since my days in elementary school in which there was a Lila in my class. He father was a doctor. I don’t know what became of her. Perhaps she was sacrificed as well.

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