On Sunday night September
came walking
dressed in night
with rubber wellies on her aching feet,
she strode
through streets to shake
the leaves from boughs
and check if yet
it’s time for leaves to blush;
her hands were wild with rain
her hair the hay we left to rot.

But when morning broke,
with sun to warn her feet
and dry her tears,
September smiled,
and said that summer still
will wait a while before she leaves.

Zen Tree by Beverly Dryer

Today Mish hosts dVerse Poetics with the artworks of Beverly Dryer, who you also keeps a blog, and has her artwork on etsy and other places.

I can so feel that we are at the pivotal moment when summer slowly gives place to autumn. Darkness come earlier and earlier and when it rains it falls in other ways. Still when sun is up it still feels like summer.
September 3, 2019

32 responses to “September

  1. Love the turn in this towards
    “September smiled,
and said that summer still
will wait a while before she leaves.”

  2. I love your personification of September, Björn! You’ve encapsulated the essence of September: the nights already drawing in, the need for wellies, the blushing leaves and the rain. Thank you for the reminder that September still has sunshine (my kind of gentle sunshine) and smiles, especially once the kids are back at school!

  3. Great choice of picture for your words – and vice versa! I love this representation of September, one of the corners of the year – I recognise her, with her lengthening nights and her warm sunshine. Let’s hold on a little longer…

  4. I love your personification of September! I know her well except around these parts, she still hangs on to the trees, swinging from the branches like a wild woman. Not until mid-October will she put on her wellies and plaid jacket. I look forward to her arrival.

  5. Lady September came walkin’ this week and leaves have started to fall, however summer heat is hanging on just as you’ve described. Well said.

  6. Wonderfully gentle, yet coy and playful; excellent September Song. In September her, we get Indian Summer, with temps in the perfect 70’s.

  7. I love this time – the coolness in the air but the sun is still up, to warm and dry one’s tears. Summer can stay awhile. Really enjoyed this character with:

    her hands were wild with rain
    her hair the hay we left to rot.

  8. I really like this personification of September–business-like in her wellies–but there’s a gentle, playful tone, too.
    I’m up early in the morning, so I’ve noticed for a while that the dawn comes later, but it’s still summery here in NJ.

  9. What a personification of this month. I do feel for her, torn between summer and fall, storms and sunny days. Loved “her hair the hay we left to rot”; it captures that end of season feel of September.

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