Constant hum

Since many years ago, my body has forgotten the way it sometimes aches when I had used my arms, how my back could be in pain from bending low to lift the tools I’ve dropped.

Labor isn’t quite the same, sitting in an office chair. Powerpointing don’t require biceps, but my body wants to break apart my diagrams. I’m cursed to think, to talk, to behave, while my muscles wane.

At night I feel the urge to run despite the fact that spreadsheets cannot be bent to fit in holes. My muscles want to work but labor isn’t nine to five, it’s this constant hum, the buzz that never cease.
I want to use my arms.

stirring the leaves —
the impatient northern breeze
wakes a drowsy finch

I used to sleep like this at night

Today Frank Tassone hosts Haibun Monday at dVerse and the topic is labor to honor the labor day in the US.

14 responses to “Constant hum

  1. I feel you on that spreadsheet in the office chair and specially this line:

    My muscles want to work but labor isn’t nine to five, it’s this constant hum, the buzz that never cease.

    Thank goodness, today is a holiday. Cheers.

  2. I know what you mean, Björn! I had to stack logs in the log store this afternoon and I really felt it in my back and arms. Toni’s right about the mental stress in an office. Teaching was similar in that respect.

  3. I dodged work around the yard earlier, due to the rain. But I’ll have all the mental and emotional stress I can handle beginning tomorrow. Still, I relate to craving that physical exertion. You portray it so well here!

  4. A perfect ballad for the modern age. We still have carpenters, plumbers and construction workers that do physical labor. But my 30+ years in an office and teaching was barely balanced by hiking and the gym. Now I’m disabled, which makes this poem even more poignant.

  5. I identify with this. During a lifetime of office work, I yearned to be physically active. Well said. We’re not made to sit still all day.

  6. I sometimes [ just sometimes] envy when there was rest for everyone. This year I have been fortunate to have a fixed shift to work but the last three years were different. There was no escape from the random emails / tasks coming on phone !

    This was a good reflection on both types of labor.

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