Capricorn eyes

The void I carry at night
has never a weight
built from vices and shame
in my unwilling dreams.
Shameless I sleep,
but find that the void
is a lady undressed
with snakes in her hair
and hands that are darker
than Capricorn eyes.

Female Nude Reclining on a Divan
Eugene Delacroix

A short poem in 44 words (a Quadrille) for Kerry at toads.
August 29, 2019

10 responses to “Capricorn eyes

  1. I would think Scorpio would have the dark eyes! ” …the void is a lady undressed with snakes in her hair”…an interesting image. It makes sense though because of the mystery of the dark, the void.

  2. There is both beauty and danger in the dark but now with street lighting all the naked ladies with snakes in their hair have disappeared…pity.

  3. This one stays, Bjorn. It stays waiting for understanding of the Capricirn eyes. Not at first, when my first wife left I missed her, was hurt, but new deep down it was all her doing. Eventually the deep down won out and I sleep shamelessly.
    Tonight I found an expose’ on eye color of the Zodiak. Capricorn eyes are full of lust. Per “Stellar Musings”

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