“No Professor, I never said it cannot be measured, but the results depend on where you are”.

The young scientist removed his pinzenez pounding the equation-filled blackboard. A cloud of chalk-dust settled on his jacket.

“Ludicrous, young man. Your theories are like putting the cart in front of the horse, my chronographs are most precise”.

“But in this gedänkenexperiment, a clear consequence is that time is relative. This is the most beautiful way to make electromagnetism come together without any ether”.

“Your gedänken is what’s wrong, Dr. Einstein”.

Albert sighed, knowing in his heart that time would prove him right.

This picture really looked a bit like it was the wheel chair pulling all the people, which made me think of all the saying “putting the cart in front of the horse. Being a physicist it meant that I had to bring in Albert Einstein in a hypothetical discussion with an older colleague. Gedänkenexperiment means thought-experiment which is a useful tool to show the consequences of a scientific theory.

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August 28

28 responses to “Gedänkenexperiment

  1. Great story. One can just imagine being alive in Dr. Einstein’s time and seeing this kind of argument between himself and colleagues panning out. Excellent!

  2. The idea of science and relativity do seem like they would be at odds (spoken by someone with a Winnie The Pooh level of knowledge about physics) which made Einstein all the more amazing. Bjorn, I bet you would have loved to have a conversation with him to hear the process he went through to get to where he was in his theories.

  3. Stick with it, Albert, you’re on the right track! Good job he didn’t allow himself to be put off even if it was sometimes an uphill struggle.

  4. You takes your frame of reference… Years ago I tried to slug through a book on Relativity. The first two thirds was explaining the pre-Relativity theory. After getting lost in maze after maze of differential equations, I jumped to the end and was surprised at how simple Einstein’s theory seemed in comparison. Of course I’ve known it my entire life and didn’t have it thrust at me out of the blue, but…

  5. New ideas are hard to accept if people firmly believe it is wrong and are unwilling to hear the evidence without being prejudice of the new theory. People do not like to change their comfortable views.

  6. Einstein was way ahead of his time. Even now his theories have been scientifically proven, and applauded but common people still carry on as they have been for ages.

  7. I believe that most things are right until proved wrong. but then each indication of something being false, can then be open to a new challenge. A never ending circle perhaps,

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