Silent headstones

The moon has already wrapped itself in silver clouds; the branches of the bared canopies, like sooty filigree, are skeletal hands waving in the mournful breeze.

An owl hoots. I have never seen your scars, but at night they moan like that.

You have been watching the gutless branches since sunset with the pressure from the old swing against your thighs building, bringing back childhood memories:

Your mother’s stern face, the craving breath of your father reeking with booze and cigarettes, your shameful silence.

You left only coming back for headstones, to face them when your secrets have ceased to matter.

You are at the crossroad; either take the noose they left behind or kill him like you should have done when it mattered.

Then you will love again the stranger who was your self and you might even fall in love with me.

Today it is time for Kim to host Prosery at dVerse. Our own new prompt where you dear poet write flash fiction using maximum 144 words and include the given line from a poem.

This week the line is “you will love again the stranger who was your self” from Derek Walcott’s poem Love after Love.

August 20, 2019

19 responses to “Silent headstones

  1. Wow! Now that’s a tale constructed from the line…with a dire choice. Tombstones set the mood for the wording of the ultimatum.

  2. The heading promised much, and you delivered, Björn, in exactly 144 words! I love the way you set the scene, with the moon wrapped in silver clouds and the sooty filigree of branches; and the brief but all-telling character sketches of the parents.

  3. You painted this so expertly. The sooty filigree, the weight of the tyre swing against legs, ‘ or kill him like you should have done when it mattered’. Every time I thought I’d read the best line you managed to outdo yourself a second later.
    I’m just totally in love with this piece.

  4. Worthy of being published! Titillates the reader and leaves a hunger for the “rest of the story”.

  5. Written in darkness about painful things, still your protagonist is both a good listener, and a love offering to promote healing. So out of pain and darkness the light of love shines; so cool.

  6. Oh my your prose are so poetic and the story brought tears to my eyes. Although I hear stories in real life “too often” like this, my heart always feels heavy. As usual your writing is so eloquent yet poignant.

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