Morning Reflections

Morning water-mirrored,
seems reversed
you know what’s up
or down;

when you read
the morning paper
if the world
(and its words)
has turned the other way.

Writing about water in a world when words have lost its meaning… For Sherry’s water-prompt @Toads. Also linking up to the Poetry Pantry.

The picture I took this summer on a wonderful morning in Northern Sweden.

August 18, 2019

21 responses to “Morning Reflections

  1. In reading the morning paper, even online, I’m certain the world has turned upside down. Ah, me! Ah, us!

  2. Your poem perfects a dilema
    Thank you for dropping by my sumie Sunday today Björn


  3. Wonderful image and wonderful verse. So much truth to reflect upon in a short space. Thank you.

  4. Your poem and the image brings to mind the idea of “the upside down” in the Stranger Things TV show. It reminds me of how we can get lost and lose a lot, if we can’t quite tell what’s up and down and why.

  5. The contrast between the beauty of the natural world, and the horrors humanity is imposing on it, and each other, keeps me in a state of trying to balance to incongruent realities. You have portrayed this to perfection here, Bjorn. The photo, and the place, are so tranquil and beautiful. How you must love getting away from all the clamour and immersing yourself in such places.

  6. I love the mirror shape of you morning reflections, Björn, and the ‘m’ sounds in the opening lines; when read aloud they sound like the ‘mmm’ sound made when pondering or thinking about something! Also the sound I made when I saw the gorgeous scenery in the photo!

  7. I love the idea of morning being water-mirrored 😊 and the comparison to world news … makes me feel that anything is possible. Perhaps all is not lost. 💜

  8. A fun poem, I like reflections. And I don’t have trouble with “up
    or down” or north or south. East and West are a little harder, left and right is horrid for me.

  9. There’s so much beauty in this world but there is always a human somewhere wanting to rant and frighten millions with cruel rhetoric. I grew up in the Hitler era and find in my old age there are still leaders with no sense raving on. Luckily I don’t have to name them for there are many from table thumpers to those with coal in their hand indicating the future and those who gibberish puts fear in everybody.

  10. Oh, so true. It is hard to know which way the wind blows. There is such beauty in water and what it reflects..I just need to dwell on that.

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