Eulogy for mother

Även i sommarens
ändlösa skymning
drunknar ljuset tillslut
i bruset från fjäderlätt natt.

Translation to English by myself

Even in summer’s
limitless twilight
the light finally drowns
to buzz of featherlight night.

From mother’s 90 year’s birthday

My mother died a few weeks ago. She had been unwell and lost to the haze of dementia for years, but now her struggle finally ended. Even though she had been slipping in pieces, the sense of loss is big.

I felt that I had to write a brief poem to go with her eulogy in the newspaper (in Swedish) and here you can read both the original Swedish version and my own translation.

Linked to the Tuesday Platform at toads.

June 25, 2019

20 responses to “Eulogy for mother

  1. I am so sorry Bjorn. It is hard to watching them slipping away. The picture of you and her is good. Is that your sister in the picture? I have been wondering how your mother was doing. Losing a parent is hard, especially to such a horrible disease as dementia. I am so sad for you

  2. I can see the light there, in her eyes, still looking pretty and smiling for the camera. Heartfelt sympathy for her passing from this world.

  3. That liminal space of acceptance, knowing, yet still surprised by feeling – perhaps – a long letting go. A friend recently said to me that it is about letting people die before they have died.

  4. A nice tribute poem to your mother, Bjorn. I’m saying that this won’t be the only one you’ll write. Both my parents passed away several years ago, I have some written.
    Again, my condolences. One thing with those with dementia that eases the sorrow is that now they are rid of that.

  5. So much of grief (and no small measure of exhaustion) packed into so few words. I am so sorry for your loss.

  6. Bjorn , My sincerest sympathy for the loss of your mother. I am sure this has been a very difficult time for you. I believe our light never goes out, in that briefest moment of darkness we are transformed. Wishing you peace and calm now and in the days to come.

    May the dreamscape be kind to you, may you sleep in the arms of happy memories…hugs

  7. I can only read the English – and it’s very lovely. The loss of one’s mother is huge, whenever it comes. It must have been sad and stressful to see her decline, so I imagine you are experiencing many emotions now.

  8. I’m sorry your mom died, and that she had to go through such a struggle with dementia. That is so hard. She’s a beautiful lady and that is a wonderful picture.

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