Me and myself

My delusion
is nothing like dragon-
shaped clouds with teeth
shallow as rain;
it’s not formed from vapor
not an elusive wind-carried mist,
but clay-sturdy,
a mud-man and shadow
darkly beside me.

My delusion
is not an illusion,
it’s never my friend but the stalker
with ember-eyes glowing, always
my consciousness echo or dreams,
my delusion is me and myself.

Content With My Delusions- J.Hurlbert

Today Linda hosts dVerse poetics and brings our attention to Jacquline Hurlbert and her paintings. We are given a choice of different painting to write to, and my choice fell upon the painting above.

May 18, 2019

27 responses to “Me and myself

  1. I like the way in which you described the delusion, comparing it to a shadow is a really unique way of describing it, because we often perceive it as something foreign, attached to us, and not our own.

  2. I like that darkness and delusion as part of ourselves. I specially like how you framed this as: clay-sturdy, a mud-man and shadow
    darkly beside me.

  3. So much a part of us is our conscience, the side of us we don’t always agree with yet is an important part of our psyche. Nice, Bjorn.

  4. You really captured the creepiness of these two contrasting linked figures – your golem reference was wonderful. Good job owning your stuff! I too particularly liked “my illusion is not a delusion”

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