After posing my proposal

The fickle frets
I felt
in smell of sweat,
with odd
or even daisy-
petals dealt

in anxious wait

for you to spell
my doom
in black or bright
to heaven

or to hell
was a torment
in armored steel
and in senseless silk.

Courtship the Proposal by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema

Quadrille for Kim at dVerse 44 words including the word fret.

Also linking to Tuesday platform at toads

June 17, 2019

34 responses to “After posing my proposal

  1. My goodness what a nervous waiting! I must say though, that if you were giving me a proposal and smelled sweaty, I would decline – smiles.. a an excellent poem of how nervous swains must feel before giving that ultimate proposal.

  2. Your title brought the Status Quo song to mind, What You’re Proposing, Björn – and they did have some fickle frets! I felt truly sorry for the protagonist of your quadrille story, having to wait so anxiously, in torment.

  3. I love the soundplay, almost like a tongue-twister, and where you chose to break the lines. How the senseless and unimportant can have such weight upon the mind of the impassioned. This poem rocks, Bjorn!

  4. When I proposed to my Melva, it was a third marriage for both us. I took her out to dinner, then sat on a park bench overlooking Puget Sound. I was so serious, talking for an hour about my hopes and expectations. Melva waited patiently for me to pop the question, saying”Yes, but damn, what took you so long?”

  5. By the way, my husband proposed by email (appropriate as we were long distance and met via a writing group) but I didn’t get the email right away… So more waiting for him, and he called me. I had no idea what he was talking about, so I read it, called him back, and said yes! I still have that proposal email. ❤

  6. I could hear those nervous stutters in the tongue-twister like words. Poor guy. I wonder if she is indeed senseless or if she’s aware of what the wait is doing to him.

  7. The feeling of anxiousness is incredibly palpable here especially; “in smell of sweat, with odd or even daisy-petals dealt.” Gorgeous write, Bjorn! ❤️

  8. I like the fret, Bjorn. What if she said no. (She was rolling her eyes in the picture?)
    I can remember some of the times I proposed, can you? It was sort of like this but different. First time (I had been married before, that was altogether different. I don’t tell though.)
    I do remember well, we were on a weekend jaunt to San Antonio and then up to Austin (all Texas). In Austin I suggested we get married, she said “No. I won’t say yes in Leap Year.” She’s been cute ands feisty now all the 46 years we’ve been married. We married in February of the next year.

  9. A sweaty proposal…hmmm. I guess it would depend on where the lady’s heart lies whether she could excuse the manly wafting. Love this!

  10. I love the “black and bright”-so true, how the situation commands light or shadows~ I love how you did this!

  11. Enjoyed your poem and then I looked at the image – she is all sass and he just hanging by a thread. What a funny photo.

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