Cancelled wedding

It should have been Eileen’s wedding — not her funeral.

After the guests had left Roberto went up to her room starting the healing-process.

The wedding dress still in its wrapping. Graduation photos, her diplomas and computer.
Every dream had been within her grasp.

He opened her desk-drawer, sifting through his daughter’s secrets.

The pink notebook with every habit listed.
The syringe and spoon and even a tourniquet.

So much has changed, he remembered how she cried when having her measles-shot..

Finally Roberto had something to do, because inked on the back of her notebook were the dealer’s contact details.

The image made me think of drug paraphernalia, the white powder on the spoon in particular.

In Friday fictioneers we write 100 word stories to the same picture. Rochelle is our leader and we are her minions. Tune in you too.

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June 12, 2019

72 responses to “Cancelled wedding

  1. So sad, all too common these days. Working in a hospital one sees so much. They’re gone too soon. If only they could see how much they were loved. Beautifully penned.

  2. At this point, he needs a purpose to cling to. This could be the beginning of something big. Maybe pulling down a drug empire. Aside from what next, your story is a parent’s worst nightmare.

  3. That’s a story that stirs so many conflicting emotions. Any death through illegal drugs is a tragedy, but the circumstances here make it heart-breaking. Well written, Bjorn.

  4. Björn, your poem is beautifully written and carries this tragedy
    in its verses. Step by step. How does anyone cope with such
    a loss and how tragic that these drugs are so easily available.


  5. A powerful story, Bjorn, and good writing. There would be no more dangerous adversary than a bereaved father with the drug dealer’s contact information. —- Suzanne

  6. I felt the sad emotion in this and the need for revenge. this is a situation that is repeated far too often – who do you blame? The blind eyes of the rich!

  7. This is heartbreaking. I hope her dad finds the murderers who supplied her and deals with them appropriately. Use your imagination.

  8. Oh, this is sad. I liked the irony of how the narrator mentioned that she had hated to get injections and how times had changed–even though they changed in a dismal way.

  9. Such a sad story, but at least there’s a chance of some justice with those contact details. You’ve shown Roberto’s grief and the pain of his memories so well.

  10. This was a brilliant take on the story, so economically told, so well structured. Heartbreaking and yet could be the start of a revenge thriller. Well done Bjorn

  11. I see what you saw in this photo. What to do – call dealer, call cops? When you want revenge so badly at the moment of your hurt, you need to take a step back. Good one, Bjorn!

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