Sealed destiny

The ancient sailor sat by the shore staring at nothing with cataract eyes.

“Sea will come to swallow us soon”, he muttered
“It’s spring tide already, uncle?”

He chuckled lighting his briar pipe.
Inhaled, exhaled, inhaled again… ignoring me.

I reached to touch his shoulder and felt his flesh dissolving into brine.
In his place the albatross… again.

I walked to the sea; nostrils tickling from the scent of kelp.
Undressing I watched my limbs transforming to flippers; body-hair grew; I thickened with blubber… again.

That night you called my name, but the ancient sailor only muttered

“Swallowed by sea…”

I have been away from writing for Friday Fictioneers too many weeks, and despite being busy with daily poetry prompts I couldn’t resist this picture. The story came slowly as I wrote, and I do not really know all the mysteries behind it, I leave that to you dear reader.

Friday Fictioneers is a wonderful weekly prompt where we try to find a story in the same picture in hundred words or less. Rochelle guides us and make sure that we read and comment as much as we can.

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April 24, 2019

29 responses to “Sealed destiny

  1. What a blessing it would be to be able to experience more than one form of life. I think humans might benefit from such experiences. Lord knows it would provide some diversion. Excellent write,

  2. Ah, the much-storied selkie. It is said that if this seal loses its hide, it becomes a human woman and cannot return to the sea until its hide is found. Some very sad stories have been woven around these creatures.

  3. This has happened before, I’m thinking, based on your repetition of ‘again’. I quite envy them – experiencing human life and some other form of life. Sad for those left behind, though. A wistful, enchanting story.

  4. Oh this is wonderful, dreamlike, mystical. It’s like a vision of what has happened and will happen again, a semi-conscious transformation. And with the writing you drew us right into this vision and had us share it. Perfect.

  5. Feels like the modern telling of an ancient myth, where the sea reclaims her own every spring. Lovely voice and beautifully written Bjorn

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