Underneath a helpless sky

Raise me with laughter
of April daffodil-bells;
lead me waist-deep in
that perfume
of sunshine-symphonies,
turn me sapling-wild
and kiss me savage
on the opened soil of spring;
where we can billow-swirl
to rise again;
to soar
untamed and willow-eyed,
underneath a helpless sky.

A quadrille with Merril at dVerse. The word is rise.

28 responses to “Underneath a helpless sky

  1. Oh my gosh – I am not sure if I like this a little extra because Earlier I crafted a daffodil Post – or if I just like this poem all on its own – and with the vibrant yellow
    Fav parts
    “Raise me with laughter”
    And “kiss me savage “

  2. A terrific twist on ode to Spring. You had me at /turn me sapling-wild/. Your Spring has sensuality–it’s in rut.

  3. I like the joyfulness of this quadrille, Björn, and the ‘perfume of sunshine-symphonies’ is intoxicating! I love the lines:
    ‘…kiss me savage
    on the opened soil of spring’.

  4. I agree with Glenn–this is spring in all it’s glory–wild and untamed.
    I always really love daffodils, and daffodil-bells is perfect.
    Loved this:
    “where we can billow-swirl
    to rise again”

  5. Gives a whole new meaning to the word “dirty”, there among the daffodils, and there’s not a thing the sky can do but watch. Sinful and holy at the same time. ❤

  6. You’ve put Dylan Thomas to shame with your compound nouns, Bjorn. This is sensual and lovely.

  7. “turn me sapling-wild
    and kiss me savage
    on the opened soil of spring;”

    Good Lord, man. Stop it! Now you’re just showing off! I really dug this one, Björn.

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