I’m all ears

I scavenge secrets that you softly whisper,
to the darkness’ moon-wise sky.
I sense your agonies,
I sense the aftertaste of pillow-tears,
I see the shadow-cries beneath your eyes,
I hear the muffled misery you try to hide
     when you tell me “all is great, my friend”,
and cracking up we laugh together…
     just pretending that we care.
I sense the growing rot beneath your skin,
I sense your bones too close to breaking
     and I wait another day
I lick my scrumptious scrounger-lips,
     for yet another night of confidence and trust
     whispered trance-like to the treasonous twilight,
while I join my pack to slander-laugh at you,
waiting for your empty carcass to be left.

For Shay at toads writing to one of her pictures.

April 22, 2019

15 responses to “I’m all ears

  1. I like the indentations you use. Great slant rhyme here: “I lick my scrumptious scrounger-lips,
    for yet another night of confidence and trust.” This goes to the darkness of humans at their worst. I think that is a hyena, Bjorn. Excellent writing to the prompt.

  2. Dang Bjorn…this is a zinger! The title is awesome and when I read it and look at the picture I had to chuckle. Reminded me of a pack of high school girls, picking apart the new girl.

  3. This is horrible! And after that gorgeous opening:

    “I scavenge secrets that you softly whisper,
    to the darkness’ moon-wise sky.”

    You are some kind of evil, Mister. 😉

  4. Is it a hyena or a pig, I’m not sure, but it has the most amazing ears and I love what you’ve done with them in this poem, Björn. They are actually a little sinister, with their secret scavenging, and the way the animal senses all the negative emotions. But oh, the ending is scary, especially the ‘scrumptious scrounger-lips’!

  5. I got so much out of this. The picture looks so sweet, but isn’t that how a betrayer seems before you discover the teeth? Great writing!

  6. Scary in ways we don’t like to talk about. And your wasn’t talking either. “Staying together for the kids (or whatever)” is what I call it. Plus we might as well have some play fun as long as we agree even though real love isn’t involved.
    My vote, “It’s a fine poem that was waiting for someone to write, ”

  7. The voice here is brilliant, Bjorn. You have so cleverly utilized the wild dog characteristics to portray a certain type of human.

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