April rebirth

With bell-cries from the withered grass,
a lone-wolf scent and tart-taste gloom
is rising from this winter’s pyre, while
YOU — my serpent — you tempt me with
the slingshot promises of sapling-birth.
“The grass will grow again”, you claim
and I let down my tender roots, seek moisture
in the recent scars of frost-fried soil.
And deeper still I seek and find the buried
joy November took… and now we wait
in bird-eyed bliss for buds to burst in yet
     an April of rebirth.

Linked to Susie’s prompt at toads.

April 18, 2019

16 responses to “April rebirth

  1. “And deeper still I seek and find the buried joy November took,” there is both darkness and hope in this .. which captivates the reader. Gorgeous!💞

  2. “bell cries from the withered grass” Love that… Oh the spring promise of green grass and blooming is such a glorious one. Thank you for writing for the prompt.

  3. Lovely — enjoyed the sling-shot — seems you are still being Dylanesque. BTW, I added a recording to my poem (and changed it a bit) to give it that special feeling, if you care to listen).

  4. Bjorn, you never cease to amaze and this is so beautiful and hopeful. Just visited the Tulip gardens in Amsterdam and I would liked you to have been there to read this in front of all that splendor.

  5. Sounds like our Lily of the Nile plants. The buds of two, we have five budding, will blossom by Sunday. Indigo Blue. I like it, Mother Nature has her plan.

  6. And deeper still I seek and find the buried
    joy November took…

    This poem rings with the truth of a classic, Bjorn. Really, you should be published in your own right as a poet of our age.

  7. I love the line ‘in bird-eyed bliss for buds to burst in yet’ – I read it aloud and it sounds like bud popping open!

  8. I really like the prosaic flow that ties rhymes neatly, it makes me think of walking down a country road with someone on a Spring evening.

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