Being played a prank

I never cared much for pranks on April fool’s day, but I do remember years ago when I first became a manager at work I had the privilege of being made a fool. Yes, it was a privilege of being bonded with my team. There is a closeness to friendship when a prank is played on you.

It wasn’t April first, it was just an ordinary day, when suddenly my office phone started ringing. I pulled the receiver and lo and behold the whole telephone fell into my knee, the cord was only 10 centimeter long because my friends had wired it together. I still remember trying to make excused to the person who had called me.

Later I remember coming to office early to plant my revenge. There is nothing better than hear the boom a of a party popper going off in the next room. Afterwards we laughed, made truce.

in his memory
fireworks were brighter —
silent library

Today Kim is challenging us with a haibun prompt on April’s fool day at dVerse.
April 1, 2019

17 responses to “Being played a prank

  1. Office pranks have to be the best as usually everyone’s in on it but the one who’s being pranked – better than school children’s April Fool jokes. I’ve not come across that telephone prank before but, I suppose, in these days of mobiles and cordless phones, it wouldn’t happen now. Is that the echo of the aged librarian in your haiku, Björn?

  2. Oh, I’ve got a library story today too, Those good ole days when I worked as a Library Assstant, we didn’t have a National Library then

    much love…

  3. We had a guy at work who was a “bowl reader”. He would follow folks into the restroom after they had flushed a BM, and he would look At the tracks, and read them like tea leaves.

  4. My father was a real.prankster but he was careful on who he played pranks, being sure the person would think it funny rather than getting angry. I never cared for pranks.

  5. Thank you for this walk through your memories. It really reminds me that a good spice of friendship and community is silly laughs.

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