The blue parts of the map

I watch the mirror
of the water, see myself
in sea
in arteries of creeks that formed
this oceanic vastness;

since every melted part of glaciers
every icicle and drop of rain
originated from geography
of hills and woods,
of lakes and ponds
are filtered slowly through
the flooded marsh,
and only sleeps in silt.

I watch again
and wonder why
my blood is warm and red
but sea is still
and cold, or why the heartbeats
of my map are blue.
I wonder how
the water in my body sense
the teasing ripples
on the surface of this sea.

Anmol asks us to write about Geography at dVerse, and I thought about the water on the maps and how is like life itself.

20 responses to “The blue parts of the map

  1. You’re observations of how we are microcosms of the macrocosm are appreciated. I like the mysteries that surface in the last stanza.

  2. This is absolutely stunning, Bjorn! 🙂 I love; “I watch again and wonder why my blood is warm and red but sea is still and cold, or why the heartbeats of my map are blue.” ❤️

  3. How imaginative to relate the colors of the map to your body, Bjorn. So creative and well written!

  4. You kicked the boots off the prompt, brother. Ah, the sea, Mother to us all; nice transfer of technical data into pulsating flesh.

  5. This may be one of my favorites of yours, such beautiful imagery. I love the merging of the thoughts of map and body/blood–and the wondering in the last stanza. Another type of searching.

  6. Ooh, this is so cool — that is the word as the parallels in this ode to the vast waters are familiar and yet very innovatively drawn. The mirror of the beginning shows its reflection by the end. Even the red blood/veins look blue-green when seen through the filter of the skin — there’s something of the ocean in all of us, I believe. I loved it, Bjorn! 🙂

  7. I admire the contrast of : my blood is warm and red
    but sea is still and cold. This made me reflect that we are part of the bigger universe, the sea and ocean.

  8. Coming from a seafaring ancestry, your map is part of you, Björn, which you’ve conveyed so beautifully in the merging of geography and anatomy. I especially love the ‘arteries of creeks’ and the blue heartbeats, and enjoyed the word landscape you’ve painted.

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