Trolling the trolls

The twitter trolls implode from facts,
but grow in darkness and in dearth of tact
without attention they will soon deflate,
and melt like butter if you lack their hate.
The void they leave can swell and shine
and afterwards the world’s just fine

Julbocken by John Bauer

Second offering for Frank at dVerse.

March 25, 2019

16 responses to “Trolling the trolls

  1. I rarely go to Twitter but imagine it is troll kingdom there with the king of them being the worst of all. You’re right when you say he craves attention and if nobody paid him any he might just shrivel up and blow away (praying for just that).

  2. Really? I have only encountered the sweetest people on Twitter. I love all the poetry and art shared there.

  3. Ah, another poem alluding to Trump? Cute rhyme.
    On my blog, Jade asks you, “Bjorn, not sure if you will see this or not, but please will you say more about the real troll?”

      • “Terrifying” ? Wow, you should share. My non-poetry blog has both theist and non-theist challengers — I’ve never called a challenger a troll, but I have comment guidelines that say no proselyting and no ad hominem attacks etc to keep the comment productive. Comments on poetry blogs are very unique to most blogs. Poetry folks rarely follow their own comments, and the poets are often very particular about what sort of feedback they want — most only preferring compliments exclusively. I always wish people would mark their poem with “only positive feedback please and no questions” — then I would avoid those poets. I think people’s criteria for what they consider a troll varies on what they want to hear or not hear.

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