This intimate night
is dear
to the silver of moon-spill
    on bedsheets,
to the manners of starlight
to perfume of sensitive skin;

this intimate night
has been gifted to us
in its closeness,
intimates, two-fold
we dare to be dears,

and from the gift
of its brazenness
we lie silent, perfumed
    on bedsheets of light.

In Bed by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

So I tried to use a few homographic words in this 55 word poem for Magaly at toads. I will also link up to Poetry Pantry tomorrow morning.

March 6, 2019

32 responses to “Bedsheets

  1. All the imagery–the scent and textures and how by the end they merge and remake themselves into something known but knew is just… wonderful. I kept on going back and forth between the first and last stanza, enjoying how light and perfume did different things, acted in different ways… without losing connection. This is one of those poems I would have such a great time discussing in a classroom. I would probably start with how something so short packs so much.

  2. Hmmm, I think I see why you didn’t say ‘lie’ (rather than ‘lay’). That might have been a double meaning too far from your intent!

    It’s a delicately beautiful poem, regardless of the particular origins.

  3. The scene you paint with words in the opening stanza encapsulates everything i adore about your writing.

  4. That is my favourite Toulouse-Lautrec picture, Björn, and it’s the best illustration for your seductive poem. I particularly love the imagery of ‘the silver of moon-spill on bedsheets’, and the wordplay of ‘two-fold we dare to be dears’.I also love the intimacy.

  5. Wowww! ❤️ This is utterly sensuous in its imagery and use of language, Bjorn! Especially love; “intimates, two-fold we dare to be dears.” 😀

  6. To lie silent, perfumed on bedsheets of light – what a lovely image. Lovely feeling of a warmth of relationship. I get a sense of great closeness here! Both by the picture and your words.

  7. I feel multiple readings are needed to fully explore what this piece has to offer – what a delicious proposition.

  8. erotic romantic and intimate. I love the moon spill and manners of starlight.

  9. “We dare to be dears” nice line
    Happy you dropped by my sumie Sunday Björn


  10. Exquisitely drawn … tenderly penned with a close-and-cozy, sensuality at play. You’ve filled in all the lovely boxes required for true intimacy. (Thought I’d try using wordpress to post today, Bjorn – so-o-o-o fingers crossed it posts, this time.)

  11. This was a ‘lighted’ write, Bjorn. I just decided that with poetic license on can make most any word into a Homograph. Thanks for your Homographic reply, the “grave” is never good.

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