Favorite Perfume

The top-note when we met was
an essence creamed from honeysuckle,
it was from lavender and lily

we fell and next

we traded years of heart-notes
whiffs of forest pines
of cinnamon and cedar trees.

we built and next

we dropped to base-note cushions,
scents of amber, musk and cardamom.

now we rest
we wait.

Magaly invites us to ponder strange questions in news at toads. I tried to write an answer to the question: Can humans smell beauty. For those unaware of perfume making the terms top note, heart note and base note came from how perfumes are “built”-

In honor of Galen I write this in 55 words exactly. I will also link up to poetry pantry tomorrow

February 16, 2018

34 responses to “Favorite Perfume

  1. I love this. This piece is fantastic.

    “creamed from honeysuckle”
    “from lavender and lily”
    “we traded years of heart-notes
    whiffs of forest pines
    of cinnamon and cedar trees”
    “we dropped to base-note cushions”

    Gorgeous, Bjorn. This is so well-written.

  2. Life cycle of the human race, with a few exceptions. Lots of natural scents, sweet ones, the flowers. If I can smell the sweet I itch all over and get an instant headache. I leave. Same for tobacco smoke.

  3. I enjoyed how you constructed this poem and the explanation about the building of perfume below. My favorite scent at the moment is lavender. I have lavender perfume, lotion, shower gel, and today found lavender-scented dryer sheets. I was in heaven. Smiles. Your poem makes the point, I think, that scent is important in relationships.

  4. This is utterly gorgeous, Bjorn! 😍😍 So much to love here especially; “we dropped to base-note cushions, scents of amber, musk and cardamom.” 💘

  5. kaykuala

    The joys of being enveloped in the sweetness of perfumery is a great invention. And just a dap on the self contributes to big names in sophistication and elegance. Great choice Bjorn!


  6. Björn, this is such a fragrant poem! I love the ‘essence creamed from honeysuckle’ and ‘whiffs of forest pines of cinnamon and cedar trees’, but my favourite has to be the amber, my signature perfume from L’Occitane. Thank you for taking us through the scents of a relationship It brought to mind the film ‘Perfume: The Story of a Murderer’, in which the anti-hero has an over-developed olfactory sense and creates the world’s finest perfume.

  7. What a sensory write, Bjorn! The notes and the scents create a spellbinding experience which is quite like being dizzy in love. So compact too that it flourishes in its brevity. Lovely!

  8. I love the progression of the scents from light and playful to things that have almost a cthonic feel to them. The root system of this relationship only gets deeper and more complex, even if what is seen on the surface stays more or less the same.

  9. Goodness, this is so lovely. The power of scent can definitely connect two people. It makes a memory bond that is not easily broken.

  10. Very interesting the layers and stages of the relationship, juxtaposed in perfume building
    Happy Sunday. Thanks for dropping by my blog


  11. This is an interesting construct. With it, you have created, what seems to me to be, an intricate and complex extended metaphor Pinning the notes of a fragrance to the stages of a relationship is a unique – and inspired – direction. Very cool !!!

  12. I love this. Want to tell my own love story with perfume. The scents are poetry essences. We slept on the beach and woke in a bed of jasmine.

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