A moonless sky

The moon is shy tonight,
I shiver darling
let me in
shed me
skin me slowly
with an utmost care,

break my armor
even when I cry,

let me climb your tower
let me lie beside you
let me darling,
mon amour

and later,
later, let
the morning find us bare.

Starry Night by Edvard Munch

For Lilian at dVerse, write a poem including the word shed, also linked to the Tuesday Platform at toads.

January 22, 2018

44 responses to “A moonless sky

  1. I love your romantic poems, Björn, and this one is no exception – it’s exceptional, especially the very sensual: ‘shed me / skin me slowly / with an utmost care’ and ‘later, let / the morning find us bare’.
    And thank you for sharing ‘Starry Night’ by Edvard Munch.

      • I have noticed you’ve used his work a lot. He did do a wide variety. There’s a mermaid–a decorative arch that he was commissioned to do–that hanging at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. It surprised me when I first discovered it was Munch. There’s a also a drawing (I think) of lovers that’s in the collection online, but not on display.

  2. the use of the words, as verbs – shed me, followed hot on the heels, skin me — add a wonderful depth and dimension – this poem is short, tight and hot for the cold, cold for the hot – offers a delightful frisson for the softly edged song it sings – love it!

  3. First, I love the painting you’ve chosen.
    The poem reads like a song: shed me skin me and oh….yes! let the morning find us bare. Beautiful poem.

  4. I love the delicate vulnerability here. And I’m holding my breath hoping that the beloved will risk being truly bare too, when even the moon cannot be an extra witness to their rendezvous.

  5. Very sensual. It amazes me how well you write poetry in your second language. This is an excellent poem with the shy moon and slow skinning…baring your all for your love.

  6. This really is a beautiful and sensuous poem. I do not agree that lay should have been replaced by lie especially in a love poem. Lay is more fitting as we don’t want lies when it comes to love!

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