Kraken it’s not

It’s not in the maelstroem,
not in the eddie below,
not the monster hiding your sense
in the corner of its lidless eye;
it’s never the Kraken pulling you down,
not even the hunger of waves
eager to drape you in kelp;
depriving your sleep…
    The monster is what you’ve done
    and whatever you’re not…

For Izy at toads writing about the kraken (a 55 word poem as well)… I always think that the worst beasts we do have inside ourselves.
January 9, 2019

9 responses to “Kraken it’s not

  1. Ooooh, I like the last part, Björn.
    “The monster is what you’ve done
    and whatever you’re not…”

  2. Is it the monster within that makes us feel that the waves *want* to drape us with kelp? Nice one.

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