The less of evil

Dear Satan,

I apologize for being too benign as demon once.

My only excuse for not ripping enough livers from humans was envy for those leisurely roasting their flesh.

I have done my best as graveyard goat; eating flowers and defecating on headstones. I have tried inflicting pain, but my horns are not sharp enough to even hurt a toddler.

Lord, I am mocked by chubby cherubs here; please take me back.

I am even willing to start at the bottom stirring the sulfur pits if you just let me back to Hell.

Forever Faithfully Yours

Hieronymus “Bad Buck” Bosch.

© Randy Mazie

I recycled the idea from the last time, but instead of a sonnet I decided to write this as letter directly to the black master. It must be so much harder to do evil on a bright graveyard than with a constant supply of sinners to torture.

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December 26, 2018

47 responses to “The less of evil

  1. A nice letter explaining his terribly sorry state on this planet. May be he needs a new set of horns! He forgot to mention that humans have a habit of eating goats or demon. Something has to be done about that too.

  2. The stiff price of not meeting his quota! Looks like even Satan has an MBA.

    I wonder if in your title you meant to write “the lesser evil?” Im not sure what to make of it, as is.

    Now im off to read your sonnet!

  3. Being an Art History graduate, I’m intrigued by you imagining Hieronymous Bosch as a demon – were those images of Hell he painted visions of the real thing, sent to him by his infernal master? It would explain a lot … Lovely tone and voice, Bjorn

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