Filled with stars

My first bed was made from wood and Masonite and it was painted blue. I have lucid memories being awake or maybe I should say being awakened, stunned in wonder of being me. I can still remember a sense of universe pouring into me.
It wasn’t dark and I could hear the stars through roof and ceiling calling down to me:

“Hey kid, we’ll leave you now to let you build your life.”

It was a wonderful and fearful moment and I really felt myself beyond the closeness of my family.

I cannot say I ever been religious… but… that early memory always make me wonder, from where I came, and where I’ll go one day, and maybe I will build myself a bed and paint it blue.

The starry night by Vincent van Gogh

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December 15, 2018

31 responses to “Filled with stars

  1. This reminded me a bit of the song Rainbow Connection (“Have you been half asleep/ and have you heard voices/ I’ve heard them calling my name”). I think poets have a natural affinity with lovers and dreamers (if they don’t already fall into one of those two categories already), so it’s no wonder that we’d hear the same voices.

  2. Oh gosh this is incredibly beautiful! ❤ I love the question at the end and feel the image of a blue bed to be perfect. 😊

  3. Imagination is the biggest treat the universe gave us, spiritual richness that helps us create our own paradise…

    What I love most about this piece is that the speaker doesn’t only keep the memory with him, but that he wants (and probably will) recraft it into being. That is precious.

  4. Isn’t it strange that suddening you become aware of yourself and your life and your own potential. Then we must use it and not regret what we didn’t do when we are older.

  5. How magical Bjorn, like a magic carpet, but a bed. When I was little I could float above my house then through the clouds, all the time envisioning infinity. It would eventually frighten me out of the trance when I felt myself out of control. Felt like an out of body experience? Like you said though, it would definitely scare me

  6. It’s amazing how that blue bed has stayed in your thoughts, Björn, and how it links to self-awareness, as well as awareness of the universe. I love the idea of the stars calling you.

  7. This is one of the nicest things I have read. I also feel a keen sense of oneness with the ether, or cosmos, as a particle among many particles all vibrating through space. I need no religion as a child of the universe.

  8. This is wonderful, Bjorn. I have some similar memories but I experience them as anxious, stressful, not full of promise as you have described. I love it.

  9. Yes Bjorn, a very telling piece- sense of wonder an potential here, albeit challenging to that young boy… And a theme that resonates with my own – the seeds of the past being sown in the future… Have a great Christmas, my friend…

  10. Great story. I can remember something similar – waking up and feeling that I was a part of something larger, having difficulty fitting into my small space – hadn’t thought of it in years. Wonderful.

  11. kaykuala

    but… that early memory always make me wonder, from where I came, and where I’ll go one day, and maybe I will build myself a bed and paint it blue.

    It is always reassuring to know that awareness of the many religious orders and related philosophical questions were registered at an early age. Most youngsters instead were more concerned with other pursuits through their handphones instead.


  12. This is really a sentimental write, Bjorn. So reflective of those childhood times….and the potential we all had back then to build a life.

  13. Fabulous! Especially because i am writing a series of universe poems.. posted a couple on instagram… that muse really lives in two places Bjorn!!!

  14. great contemplative poem. made us wonder too, where we came from, where we will go.
    I like the use of van Gogh’s The Starry Night. His child-like whorls in the painting draws out the child in us.

  15. A splendiferous title – upon which you have hung a wonderfully rendered piece that feels so authentic, it stirs the ‘casting back to childhood thing’ that we all do, from time to time … in this case: our earliest existential reflections.(or at least the ones we can recall). The awesome close on this, somehow seems to round the moment up perfectly and top it off with an image.

  16. Wow. “. . . a sense of universe pouring into me . . . .” I’m sure that happened to me, but I don’t remember it. Thank you for this beautiful poem.

  17. We stayed in a place once where the Master Bedroom had a huge window up high in the A-Frame ceiling – Northern MI where the night sky is all clear and full of stars – it was so magical. During the day, so blue. The room was like floating in the clouds… Sleeping on a blue bed, wrapped in blue above and below… sigh

  18. So deep and contemplative piece –
    “sense of universe pouring into me.” Even I am overwhelmed with such feeling sometimes…
    The questions you have left your reader with is worth pondering!
    I guess we all do from time to time – reflect on our lives, our origin, our existence…

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