In good hands?

It started to look good, water and soil had been dealt with. Woods and weed blended well with beasts, but it had been six days of hard and excruciating labor.

He sighed, looking at his beautiful creation. Now he yearned for sleep. Next week he was needed in a parallel dimension.

He snapped a picture with his smartphone and shared it on Instagram, added the hashtag
#gardener_wanted, and waited.

Seconds ticked by and no one responded. God hummed impatiently but finally that slacker Adam clicked “like”, and problem was solved.

Earth was in good hands; he’d be back for Armageddon.

Copyright – Douglas M. MacIlroy

Six years ago I wrote to the same picture, and it was great to revisit and read my own entry from that time. I thought I do a bit of editing and present you with the same story. I think there just a few of us left from that time when I look at the comments.

Friday Fictioneers is one of the best ways I know to train my skills in writing, thank you Rochelle for keeping up the work.

December 12, 2012

57 responses to “In good hands?

  1. I think Adam gets a bad rap.
    Most of us guys, if alone in a garden with the only woman in the world, could be led into temptation.
    Fun story, Bjorn.

  2. Ha! That’s the second time today that slacker, Adam, has come up.
    I don’t often get inspired by a photo, I find them distracting or overwhelming. But sometimes I check these out and the idea is there. I liked the revisions from your original story.
    The best and most instructive element of the prompt is the word limit I think.

  3. Hi, visited your earlier post on the same prompt. Addition of ‘parallel Dimension’ adds more layers to this…different universe, different habitable planets… God does seem very busy and relieved to find Adam taking up his job on this planet, finally 😉

  4. I always dread it when I see “God” on the caller ID. He’s always got some little task for me. But today, I got off easy and only had to read and comment on your post. Hard to believe we’ve both been doing this so long. I’ve enjoyed and appreciated your friendship all these years.

  5. The funny thing here: at first I thought the title was “In God Hands”; and sure enough, the tale was told. Adam needed a better hoe.

  6. Interesting use of anachronism. Each generation, culture etc, always uses its own images to tell stories of the past. Western literature is filled with examples of retelling tales of the past from a current perspective.

  7. When the gardeners dug too deeply they found shiny things. Things that seemed like gold is better than golden flowers or golden fields. Diamonds were worth more than the twinkle in a child’s eyes. Silver was worn more easily than the silver on the head of an old, wrinkled person. Oil, black gold, and coal kept the world moving better and warmer than any old unreliable wind or sun. And power over other gardeners was far more intoxicating than any spirit they could conger.
    Yuletide greetings to one of the good gardeners!

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