Murder of crows

This morning when I passed their tree
the crows, the augary birds stayed silent,
as if they knew and wouldn’t say
like canary birds succumbing to the noxious gas
and we were miners to occupied with coal
to save our lives.
Repent (repent) before the night they seemed to say
with broken tongues;
it’s not yet dark… but soon.

This morning wasn’t different from yesterday
but still through silent veils of dust
I’ve seen the future
and it’s murder just like it’s said.

Skull with Burning Cigarette by Vincent van Gogh

This is linked to Tuesday Platform at toads. If you want you can see it as my comment to Katowice COP24.

Also inspired by Leonard Cohen.

December 11, 2018

12 responses to “Murder of crows

  1. You are reminding me of something I saw on facebook: “It isnt a murder of crows unless there is probably caws.” LOL. Sorry, couldnt help it. I love your poem. I always love poems with birds in them.

  2. we were miners too occupied with coal
    to save our lives… how accurate, Bjorn. Yes, we were both listening to the same muse… more bad news with more melting glaciers… seems very scary, very fast.

  3. I was totally captivated by the way you introduced your theme.. the crows, so raucous, yet these were silent.. and on to the canary – amazing juxtaposition of black and gold. As always your poetry works on so many different levels.

  4. Oh this is deliciously dark and brimming with wisdom and a forewarning about the (possible) future we are heading towards.

  5. The foreboding crows know. “It’s murder” is powerful and I can apply it to the lack of interest in climate change by our sham of an administration.

  6. I believe it is murder. Bjorn. Having the crows be silent sets the stage. The miners entrance makes it apparent that ordinary people are helpless against the tyrants.

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