When I’m low, when skies are grey
with merry mirth please make my day,
but take it slowly, dear, to cheer me up
when you with toddies warm our cups.
The world’s still cold and water frozen
but I’m still cheerful — I’ve been chosen.

Happy Union by Paolo Veronese

Today De hosts the Quadrille at dVerse… come dance with 44 words including the word cheer.
December 3, 2018

29 responses to “Chosen

  1. Nicely done, Björn. Your quadrille has a cheerful rhythm and rhyme. I like the alliteration of ‘merry mirth’ combined with the Clint Eastwood-style ‘make my day’!

  2. Ah, how the variety of the fruits of the vine (and the hops, wheat, honey, and all blessed fermentable agriculture) can bring us cheer even amid gloom! A lovely lyric, Bjorn!

  3. This is wonderful Bjorn! It is a bit of a hot toddy itself. Love it… This is way off point, but my 5-year-old grandson has a little stuffed martian from the movie “Toy Story”. When you squeeze its belly, it says, “Oooh, I’ve been chosen!” So sorry… mind is wandering again… makes sense in the context of the movie. Oh dear… (mumble mumble)

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