Bad night

We’re waiting,
smothered in this cheerless darkness of a dying year,
waiting in this lack of light for another dawn to break,
waiting for a listless dawn to break the shadows,
waiting for the night to wane,
waiting for this weary wake to end.

Bad night by Francisco Goya

After all the cheer I needed to write something a tad darker for De at dVerse. A quadrille using the word cheer.
December 3, 2018

28 responses to “Bad night

  1. dark as soot, brother, and hey, it works as a metaphor for we Americans concluding Year 2 in Trumpland.

  2. You’ve distilled despair in this quadrille, Björn, emphasised by the repetition of ‘waiting’ and the alliteration of ‘darkness of a dying year’ and ‘lack of light’.

  3. The darker shades in this poem are incredibly eerie and the use of repetition here makes for a stellar write! Especially like; “waiting for a listless dawn to break the shadows.” ❤️

    PS: I would love to read a longer version 😀

  4. kaykuala

    smothered in this cheerless
    darkness of a dying year

    More than just a statement of fact. The ‘dying’ year is a tragedy waiting to worsen and no one seems to treat it with urgency!


  5. Ah, the pitiful, yet hoping lament of the little larva snuggled away since Fall. Nice write, Bjorn.

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