Finding the path

If you search for a place to lessen your burdens,
a place like a wood, or the edge of a river,
a place where your mind is relieved,
you learn that the quest in itself
increases the weight of your sorrows.

But then when least you expect it,
when talking and joking with friends, you
find that your breathing has grown
like wind through your forest
and the laughter you share is
the river, the beaches
and mountains you’ve climbed.

A place of contentment
is never a conquest
but a path through the forest
you share with your friends.

Alpine forest in Northern Sweden

A poem for Sherry at toads… of a place where we feel we are healed. To be linked to Poetry Pantry tomorrow as well.

November 17, 2018

30 responses to “Finding the path

  1. Oh Bjorn, this is PERFECT. I love the breathing “like wind through your forest”, and laughter, “the river, the beaches, and mountains you’ve climbed.” What a wonderful interpretation of the prompt. I wish I had written it. Smiles.

  2. That is so true, it is not a conquest but a journey through this path, with friends amid laughter and love. This bit resonated with me particularly: “you learn that the quest in itself/increases the weight of your sorrows.”
    A lovely write, Bjorn! 🙂

  3. Another of my favourite places! Luckily, I don’t have to go far to be with trees, I have plenty in our garden. I love the lines:
    ‘A place of contentment
    is never a conquest
    but a path through the forest
    you share with your friends’.

  4. If a place of contentment is really a path, then we have to keep moving, right? At least we will have companions along the way!

  5. Nice reminders of peaceful places of contentment. They are usually solitude places for me.

  6. Bjorn, this is contemplative and I can feel peace settle into my weary soul. The journey is not a conquest it is about so much more. Enjoy each part of your journey Bjorn (a bear is at home in the woods- just saying)

  7. This is exactly what it was like being reunited with my siblings last night, despite the painful circumstances.

  8. This is wonderful. It is a reflective observation expressed simply – and yet, at its heart – is that which we all quest after, write about philosophize over and, often, make ourselves miserable seeking its origin. And that is ‘a place of contentment’. Love it! This is very cool, Björn.

  9. Omg! You kind of wrote what I’ve always felt, but never imagined A similar analogy.
    I love this poem. I’m tweeting this and sharing on Facebook with due credits to you, of course.
    Hope that’s ok Bjorn.
    Such evocative words! They made my heart glow on a gloomy day…

  10. I really liked the ‘recovery’ from the second stanza to the third. Before that I could sense the suffering worsen. If me, I might have jumped into the river.

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