Money for nothing?

I might leave a larger tip
if you bat your lashes
and wink me tender.
I might pay you well
for impish grins,

but then again,
I might thank you even more
if you first make sure
this tablecloth is clean
from former diners.

Money by Frantisek Kupka

Today it’s time for a quadrille at dVerse. De hosts and the word is “wink”, we just have to come up with 44 more words.

November 5, 2018

31 responses to “Money for nothing?

  1. creative use of the word “wink” …. “wink me tender” … how fascinating, it holds all kinds of possibilities, and in this context, it’s perfect ….
    fun quadrille – and yes, flirt all you wish, but clean before the “sit” – seating would be better appreciated, I would think!

  2. I felt your /wink me tender/ was clever word play,, not a personal modus. You had fun with this, and it made me smile.

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