A mile of your laughter

Bring me your sunrise
and in evening winks of your moon.

Bring me a mile of your laughter
and candyflossed words.

Bring me a bat of your lashes
and a forest of skin.

Bring joy in yourself,
and melt in the fervor of two.

The kiss by Auguste Rodin

A second quadrille for De at dVerse. Also linking to Tuesday Platform at toads

November 5, 2018

27 responses to “A mile of your laughter

  1. Ah yes, indeed, the trappings, the mantle of love–all encompassing, blinding, erotic and sensual trumping intellect.

  2. Nice lines he has, Bjorn. And he’s pretty sure they will bring a happy situation, saying this mildly. We have a Country and Western song, you may have heard this oldie, “We got married in a fever, hotter than a pepper sprout
    We’re goin’ to Jackson.”

  3. kaykuala

    Bring joy in yourself,
    and melt in the fervor of two.

    Isn’t this the eventual proposition, the ultimate? Always love a grand ending!


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